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DELL P54G – 90V7W Original Laptop Notebook Battery

DELL P54G – 90V7W Original Laptop Notebook Battery

XPS 13 9350 9343 JD25G 90V7W Battery for


Dell XPS13 XPS 13 , 9343, 9350, P54G ,JHXPY, JHXPY53, 5K9CP, DIN02, 090V7W, 0DRRP, RWT1R ,0RWT1R ,0N7T6, XPS13D-9343-1708, 13D-9343-3708 ,13-9350-D1508G


  • 100% Genuine Original Dell Product in Brown box packing
  • Battery Type : Internal Li-ion Battery
  • Rating : 7.6V 56Wh
  • Six Month Replacement Warranty ( Door Delivery Door Support )
  • Supplied Model no will be 90V7W. Dell Part no may be Different.
  • Please Check Description for Compatible Part Number


  • Battery Type: Lithium polymer Voltage: 7.4V (compatible with 7.6V) Capacity: 52WH (compatible with 56WH); Cells: 4-cell; Color: Black with Two Free Screwdrivers
  • NOTE: This 90V7W 5K9CP JD25G battery is not compatible for Y9N00 PW23Y dell battery - for Dell XPS 12 XPS 13-L321X XPS 13-L322X XPS L321X 489XN WV7G0 PKH18 9q23 xps 12 9q33 XPS 9360(Please double check it before purchase!!!) JD25G battery is compatible with XPS 13 9343 9350 series laptop 90V7W
  • JD25G 5K9CP 05K9CP JHXPY RWTIR 0N7T6 0DRRP 90V7W 9OV7W DIN02 RWT1R 0JHXPY P54G P54G001 P54G002 Battery Compatoble with Dell XPS 13 XPS13 9350 13D XPS13D 9343 series laptop, 13-9343 13-9350 13D-9343 series laptop, XPS13D-9343-1808T XPS13D-9343-3708 XPS13D-9343-1708, XPS 13-9350-350 13-9350-D1608 13-9350-D1708 13-9350-D1808 13-9350-D2508 13-9350-D2608 13-9350-D2708 13- 9350-D2808 13-9350-D3608 13-9350-D3708 13-9350-D3808 13-9350-D4505 13-9350-D4508 13-9350-D4708.

    Disclaimer: Product Image for Reference Only

    Please note that the image displayed above is provided solely for reference purposes. The actual product you receive may differ in appearance, color, or packaging. While we strive to ensure that the product image accurately represents the item you will receive, variations may occur due to manufacturing updates, design changes, or supplier availability.

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