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Tech Point Repair Services

Apple Repairs

Android Repairs

Laptop Repairs

Macbook Repairs

Desktop Repairs

Tablet Repairs

Expert level technicians and professional Repair Services

We also undertake bulk Repair orders and corporate repairs.

100% Genuine Parts

Fast reliable and trusted service with Warranty.

1000s of Happy customers and client testimonials

You can send Repairs by Courier or within city by Porter / Dunzo.

Whatsapp Details to 9916211311 or email us

Refurbishing solutions

Techpoint provides refurbishing solutions for iPhone, Android phone, Laptops and Macbooks. Bulk orders can be taken.


* Sale of used phones / laptops / desktop

100% original parts - warranty available

Devices available within warranty 0-3 months, 3-6months, 6-11 months, 11+ Months. Open box like new with seller warranty. Used phones with Seller Warranty

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