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Spigem Active Stylus Pen


Compatibility: The Spigem Active Stylus Pen is tailor-made to be compatible with various iPad models, including the Mini, Air, and Pro series. This ensures a seamless and precise digital experience across different devices.

Accurate and Responsive: With a fine-tip design, the stylus provides accurate and responsive interaction with your iPad's touchscreen. It's well-suited for tasks like note-taking, sketching, and navigation.

Palm Rejection: The stylus incorporates advanced palm rejection technology, preventing unintended touches from interfering while you're using it. This ensures that your writing or drawing remains uninterrupted and smooth.

User-Friendly Design: Crafted for comfort, the stylus features an ergonomic design that's easy to grip. This design facilitates extended usage without causing discomfort or fatigue.


Long Battery Life: The stylus is equipped with a rechargeable battery that offers a long usage time on a single charge. This means you can focus on your tasks without worrying about frequent recharging.

Convenient Charging: Recharging the stylus is a breeze, typically using a USB-C or micro-USB connection. This ensures quick and convenient power-ups whenever needed.

Wireless Connectivity: The Spigem stylus establishes a wireless connection with your iPad, eliminating the hassle of cables or adapters. This wireless setup provides a clutter-free and smooth experience.

Versatile Applications: Whether you're an artist, student, professional, or casual user, this stylus caters to a variety of tasks. It's ideal for tasks such as precise selections, digital note-taking, and basic sketching.

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Replaceable Tips: The stylus often comes with replacement tips, ensuring longevity even if the tip gets worn over time. This prolongs the stylus's usability and ensures consistent performance.

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