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JTP J3609 65W Pd Fast Usb C Wall Charger, 4-Port Usb C Charging Station

JTP J3609 65W Pd Fast Usb C Wall Charger, 4-Port Usb C Charging Station

The New USB-C Charging Station: Say goodbye to old, bulky chargers. This 65W desktop charger brings you a charging experience you've never had before. With just one charger, you have the power to charge your phone, tablet and USB-C laptop quickly. Power up to 4 Devices With 65W: Thanks to intelligent allocation technology, this charger can power up to 4 devices together with total output of 65W. Up to 65W USB-C charging speed from C1 alone to charge your Macook pro 13" in less than 2 hours. Also compatible with Apple 20W PD and Samsung AFC 45W fast charging, charging iPhone 13 to 50% in half an hour, three times faster than the original 5W charger. MULTIPLE CHARGING SCENARIOS: One Port at a time. [ C1=65W MAX , C2=20W MAX , A1=30W MAX , A2=30W MAX] Two Ports at a time [C1+C2=45W+20W=65W , A1+A2=30W ] All four used together total output will be 65W shared between all according to device requirement. Smaller Size, More Power: This 65W Desktop chargers is compact without sacrificing no power and 20% smaller than other 4 port chargers on market , taking up less space and keep your desk tidy while charging your phone, tablet, laptop. What you get: 65W Desktop USB-C Charger with 1.5m 2 Pin Power cable .PLEASE NOTE. NO CABLES ARE INCLUDED.MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SUITABLE CABLE FOR DEVICE REQUIREMENT.CONTACT US IF YOU NEED CABLES ALSO AND WE SHALL SUGGEST ACCORDING TO DEVICE.


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