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JTP J3608 30W 100-250V Slope Design Power Strip

JTP J3608 30W 100-250V Slope Design Power Strip

Enjoy Multi Outlets: Spaced out enough outlets allow to use multiple adapters or plugs together without blockage trouble, even some bulkier plugs. Don't have to shuffle plugs around to make thing fit any more. Convenient to use. Intelligent Chip: Intelligent circuit with built in voltage sensing detects and responds as per the device’s power needs which not only protects it but also extend the life of the device. Also, it has stable power supply which reduces interference to keep the device running at full performance. Smart Surge Protector: Power Strip Extension which comes with 10 Power Socket and 30W PD USB C and 5 USB Ports including 18W QC Port for High-Speed Fast Charging. Total Rated Capacity is 2500W - 30W. It can charge upto 16 devices together. Fireproof Material & Certified: Integrated Copper and ABS Shell makes it temperature resistant. CE and ROHS certificated. Surge Protection feature safeguards your expensive computers, smart phones, home appliances and other electronics from voltage fluctuations. Suitability: Power Sockets suitable for all electronic devices upto 2500W and USB Type C supports max. 30W for i Phone and other Galaxy Devices and QC 18W USB Port for all Fast charging need of other Smartphones.


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